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Hogar Heroes

Many sweet, talented and innocent children end up finding their home at the Hogar Miguel Magone Orphanage.  There is a waiting list for the girls to finally have a safe place to live.  The girls' orphanage has been made possible by our amazing contributors, they are our Hogar Heros.

Our goal is for you to become a Hogar Hero by helping in whatever way you can.  The Administrative Fund for the girl's orphanage will help by paying for: food, teachers, on site psychologists, insurance, and utilities allowing the staff to focus on pouring love into the children.

Help us achieve our ultimate goal, and be one of the 200 members of the Hogar Heroes.

The Hogar Heros will help us achieve our goal for 2013.  Our goal is to raise $60,000 to cover the running costs of the girls orphanage.

Taking the financial burden off this orphanage will allow the directors and teachers to concentrate 100% of their efforts on the children, instead of worrying how to pay the bills for these sweet girls, who would otherwise not have adequate shelter or food.  This will only be possible with your donations.

Become a Hogar Hero

You can become a Hogar Hero by donating monthly:

$10/Month Hogar Hero

$15/Month Hogar Hero

$25/Month Hogar Hero

$50/Month Hogar Hero

 One Time Donation  

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