if you LOVE what you do you will never work a day in your life

One Decision Changed My Family Forever

I knew I made a great decision 14 years ago to align myself with LegalShield, but it has become more than I ever imagined.   

I grew up in a lower/middle class family in Canada.  While I loved my parents, I also wanted to create a better life for myself.  By my mid-twenties I found myself pursuing that dream of a better life by working in Corporate Canada for a bank.  The dream was more of a nightmare – I really couldn’t stand it.  Being stuck in a cubicle and dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers was making me miserable.  I was not making progress towards my dream.  If anything I was losing ground. My mind is like a parachute - it's best when it stays open.  I was MORE than open for an opportunity to change my life. 

You could say I was totally busted and disgusted.  So, a short time later I jumped full force into Network Marketing.  I struggled with my first company for a few years.  In spite of those challenges, I followed the system and learned from those hard knocks.  I attended the events and knew that hardships were just a part of the learning curve.  Just like any other business venture, I was willing to put in the work, time, effort and energy until I became successful.  I was excited because I had found my industry of choice.  By the time I found LegalShield, I was ready to explode.  In my first month I made more than $5,500 and it’s never been that bad since.

In our first 39 months, my business partners Mike, Steve Melia and I made over ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  It was, and still is, beyond my wildest imagination. 

Coming from the lowest part of my life, living off food stamps, being on welfare, and earning no more than $23,000 at the bank, to having a multi-million dollar business was an absolute dream come true.

It was definitely hard work, but definitely not harder than working at the bank with that boss and those co-workers.  My partners and I put in our time and effort.  Unlike my earlier life, I can tell you it's nice not to worry any more about how I'm going to pay my bills.  LegalShield is the vehicle I’ve used to create my life exactly the way I wanted it.  It's the best financial decision I've ever made.


From Ambition To Meaning

"It's not what you get, but it's who you become, and who you become determines what you get" – Jim Rohn

I learned this philosophy thanks to my mentor, the late, great, Jim Rohn.  

Having money is one thing, having time is another, but having time AND money at the same time leads to an entirely different lifestyle.  That is the lifestyle that my partners and I have created.  Having time and financial freedom has allowed me to start a non-profit organization, Work Play Love, LLC.  The WPL, LLC supports a boys orphanage and from the ground up we have built a girls orphanage, both in Guatemala.  I'm thankful to have the time and money to be involved in this heartwarming and amazing project and to see these kids have a safe place to call home.

Because of the amazing services that LegalShield provides, I wake up excited in the morning and go to bed happy every night.  Rather than dreading going to work everyday, I feel fantastic that I'm able to help people worry less and live more in their everyday life or even in their darkest hours.

LegalShield offers an amazing opportunity for anyone who really likes helping people and wants to earn extra money from home.  To this day, I get so excited when we bring a new business partner into the business.  I know they have the same opportunity to change their family legacy forever.

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