Work Hard to Play Hard

Playing might be what I’m best at, and I do a lot of it. I love traveling around the world to visit friends and family, experiencing different cultures first-hand, eating different foods, playing in nature and teaching yoga.

In my younger days I always enjoyed being very active.  I was on a dragon boat team for years, took martial arts and was even a model.

I worked smart and hard with LegalShield for over a decade and it has more than paid off.  The income that my partners and I have generated from home has allowed me to travel to places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Cancun, Paris, Belize, Jamaica, London and all over the United States and Canada.  It’s like a dream come true to be able to be able to fly first class, eat at wonderful restaurants and to visit exotic destinations.

One of my favorite decompressing activities is yoga and meditation, both as a student and a teacher.  In almost every place I visit I’m able to take classes and experience different teaching styles, which only makes me a better student and teacher.  On many of our LegalShield trips and events, I lead large yoga classes for all the associates, which is super fun.  I also adore learning how to have fun in the kitchen by cooking healthy organic foods and juicing.  Of course I enjoy that myself but it’s even more fun also sharing them when I entertain. Like every aspect of my life, I have mentors, and in the health field I turn to Sharla Patrick at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit.  She makes cooking seem easy and feeds me information on how my food choices can support my philosophy to work a little, play a lot and love always.

My business partner Mike Melia arranges his business travel schedule around New York Yankee games and music festivals.  Mike gets to visit his children and grandchildren all around the country anytime he wants.  More importantly, Mike was able to be with his Dad as his primary caregiver during the last nine months of his life.  Having the ability to do that without worrying about money was priceless.

My other business partner Steve Melia recently handled his mid-life crisis by setting a world record and going to 176 consecutive New York Yankee games in a row, home and away.  He even had time to write a book about it called “162, The Almost Epic Journey of a Yankee SuperFan”.  You can see more about his journey and get his book at

Whether it’s taking care of family, following your favorite team, playing outdoors, or whatever your dreams are, my partners and I believe you can have it all.  Work, Play, Love means creating your own time and financial freedom to pursue your own dreams starting with a simple decision to go for it.

Simple Play

LegalShield has blessed me with the ability to set my life up so that I can enjoy my surroundings regardless of where I am.  I can be overseas or at home to be playful because the strain of paying bills is non-existent.

I love that I can just go enjoy nature, take walks in the woods or on the beach, or go for a bike ride right in the middle of the day.  Working out for me is another important way that I play, especially when I take my workouts outdoors.  There’s nothing I enjoy more that being healthy while experiencing nature.