Princess Power of Love

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Canada Day & Independence Day 

Most citizens in both Canada and America would agree that this week is a pretty big deal.  As many set off fireworks, singing songs about freedom, happiness and how glorious it is to be alive...I decided that Mom and I would celebrate in a different way this year, and boy am I glad.

Mom and I arrived at the orphanage today and I have had so many tears in my eyes, tears of joy and happiness that the work each of you have been doing with me for the past 2+ years is paying off big time.

Because of the freedom we have, living in both Canada and America, we have the massive privilege of giving some amazing kids a safe place to live, learn and grow when many wouldn't have that opportunity without us.

Princess Power of Love

Mom and I felt more than special, when we realized the girls had decorated our rooms to express how thankful they were that the girls' home was being built.  The girls (and boys) really understand and are more than thankful for the Orphan's Hope Project and all that we have been doing to make the girls' home a reality.  The excitement of our room being decorated didn't stop there though...

When Mom and I arrived we were hugged and loved on by so many precious little girls dressed in Princess Costumes.  It warms my heart to know that many of these children have no families or homes to call their own, yet they can get lost in imagining the fairy tale of being a princess, feeling happy and free.  It's at the orphanage that they are able to feel that safe, it's with the caring teachers, directors and volunteers of the orphanage that these kids can hold on to being a child.  Thanks to all the contributors and Hogar Heros, we are what's helping to make that possible...for a young child to dream of being a Princess, even for a minute, is a blessing!!!

There are many girls from the village who's family can't afford to eat every day, so many of these girls you see in the pictures come each day so they can eat.  This means that the money we raise doesn't just go to help those who reside at the orphanage but we are helping the community out too.  About 10 of these girls will be living in the girls' home once it's completed.  Everyone is more than excited for the completion of the girls' home!!!

Our Trip

This is just day one of our trip and we feel so much love, gratitude and thanksgiving from every different angle.  I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

Thanks to all those who continue to be a Hogar Hero, our list is growing by leaps and bounds!  Thank you to all those who have donated time, money, supplies, etc...without you this project wouldn't be possible.

Let's help the love continue to spread and share the story of these beautiful children with everyone you know.  Click on your favorite social site (listed below) and share this post with the world!  Thanks for your support ahead of time, and hope to see you on the next Work~Play~Love Trip! 

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