Thank You Louisville Kentucky LegalShield Family

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I am forever thankful for my LegalShield family in the Louisville Kentucky area.  

I was grateful to just be asked to speak and train but then was breathless when I was presented a $1000 check for the girls Orphanage.  

This group of people were so kind hearted, gracious and giving...they raised money for just a short while and collected $1000 in no time.

This really helps us with our goal of raising $60,000 for all the running costs of the Orphanage.  We are well on our way with massive help like this and with the help of our Hogar Hero's.  

Thanks to the Drennan and Kelly organization and everyone else in the area for making this truly amazing donation to the girls.  You rock and I can't wait to come back and spend time with all of you. 

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